Ciao and welcome to Pancakes & Biscotti! I’m Francesca, an expat living in Rome since 2011. On this blog you’ll find both Italian and American recipes, a reflection of my adopted home of Italy/Italian roots (grandparents from Calabria and Le Marche), and my upbringing in Rhode Island, the smallest state in the U.S.

I grew up eating Italian food -- I was the only kid I knew whose grandmother made multi-course lunches on Sundays and who could name almost every kind of pasta shape (none of my friends knew what I was talking about when I told them I’d had fusilli for dinner). On the other hand, I also grew up eating peanut butter sandwiches and pancakes, as the typical American kid tends to do. I’ve learned more and grown to love Italian food even more now that I live in Italy – bucatini all’amatriciana! tortellini! coda alla vaccinara!! -- but that being said, I'll always have a special place in my heart for fudge brownies, burgers, and bagels, among other things. Whether you’re looking for a recipe for cicoria alla romana or chocolate chip cookies, I’ve got you covered. Italian and American dishes aside, you’ll also find some recipes from guest posters, plus non-recipe posts on Rome and any traveling I do. Enjoy! 

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