Mother's Day Recipe Roundup

The Mother's Day tradition when I was a kid was to cook a meal for my mom, giving her a break from the kitchen and the many meals she prepared for the family. My brother, sister, and I, along with my cousin Dylan, would prepare a lunch for my mom and my Aunt Laura, dividing up the tasks of appetizer, main course, side dish, and dessert. For the first dinner we ever did -- I was about 10 -- I was assigned the appetizer. I chose a recipe for Cheese Tarts (which sounded very elegant to my fourth grade ears) from one of my mom's Junior League cookbooks and proceeded to make the pastry dough using powdered sugar instead of flour, mistaking the two canisters on the kitchen counter. My mom ate them politely anyways, insisting that the sugary, overly sweet crust paired great with the salty melt-y cheese filling, and that they were delicious (thanks Mom). My brother's steak on the grill, my sister's chocolate mousse, and my cousin's salad fared far better. 

Over the years our Mother's Day meals became more and more elaborate and creative, and my recipes improved. I graduated to baked glazed salmon (see below,) homemade bread, and even one year a Baked Alaska. I've come a long way from my powdered sugar-cheese tarts, and now that I have a whole blog of recipes I though I'd give a few suggestions should you want to cook for your Mom this Sunday. Here are some ideas for a Mother's Day Brunch (with both savory and sweet recipes) as well as some dessert suggestions, which are never lacking on this blog. Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Brunch - Savory

Brunch - Sweet


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