Taste of Roma

This weekend I took a break from baking and cooking for the blog and decided instead to hop over to Rome’s Taste of Roma food festival at Parco della Musica, an outdoor, 4 day event highlighting the best of the Eternal City’s gourmet cuisine. Chefs from 12 of Rome’s best restaurants prepared small tastings of their dishes, which allowed the diner to sample as much as possible (and sample we did). Tastings aside, there were also various cooking demonstrations, wine-tastings run by sommeliers, and stands selling cheese, prosciutto, cannoli, and gelato, among other things. In short – for a foodie like myself, pure heaven.
Ready to eat!!! 
Joining me was my sister Alexandra and our friend Yasmine. We arrived at the Festival for the afternoon session (from 12:00-17:00) paid for our tickets (16 euros each) and received a card that needed to be topped up in order to pay for the dishes -- not the cheapest way to spend an afternoon, as each tasting cost around 6 euros, but given the high quality of the food it wasn't a bad deal.

I must say that nothing we tried fell short or disappointed us (and we tried a lot of dishes!) My favorites in particular were the cacio e pepe "meatballs" from All Bi One, as well as the corn fettuccine dish from Marzapane (photos of both dishes below). It was fun to be able to sample dishes from restaurants that normally are far too expensive to even be considered as an option for dinner. I could write more here, but I think that I will let the photos speak for themselves – if you want to see all of the menus of the restaurants featured at the festival, or learn more about Taste of Roma, click here.


Taglioni with carrot, black truffle
Caramelized fig with lemon, almonds, and vanilla ice cream


Decisions, decisions...
Cacio e pepe "meatballs"
Cacio e pepe "meatballs"
Dessert "meatball" menu

Chocolate ganache "meatballs" with raspberries and fig cream


Poached egg, black truffles, amaranth 
Sedanini with breadcrumbs, smoked eggplant puree, and shrimp


Seared tuna with Bloody Mary sorbet, citrus, black bread
Tortelli with cacio cheese, pear, and almonds


Corn fettuccine with beef broth, onion, and pork "popcorn"


Caramel and pink salt gelato, buffalo milk and cherry gelato

A few more photos of the stands at Taste of Roma...

Note the "Inverno 2015" advertisement to the left for "Taste of Christmas" -- glad I don't have to wait a whole other year for the next Taste of Roma festival...!!! Have a nice week everyone!!!

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